Suffering from Painful Sex Does Not Mean Intimacy is Dead

I know this topic is a little scary and unnerving, but let’s face it; painful sex has sadly become more common for the female population. Or, has it always been a problem and physicians are just now beginning to recognize this as a serious problem, urging more women to open up?

According to an article from The Good Men Project, researchers have found that 16 to 20 percent of women will experience sexual pain in their life. Although you may feel the desire to have sexual intercourse, the thought of piercing pain has you bottling up the urge. If the thought of penetration has you running to the bathroom, it’s time to do something about it and we’re here to help.

Simply put, painful sex is confusing and just not fair. Genital pain can be contributed to a number of conditions, and the onset of symptoms can appear at any time. Common activities such as exercising or sitting can become extremely painful. Some of these conditions that result from genital pain, include gastrointestinal or urological problems, vestibulodynia (vulvar pain) and clitorodynia (clitoral pain). What’s even scarier about sexual pain is that sometimes it can come from nowhere; developing “without a readily identifiable trigger.”

Authors of the new book Healing Painful Sex, Deborah Coady, MD and Nancy Fish, have taken a close look at this problem and assure suffering women that they shouldn’t feel ashamed, and that the pain is not “all in your head.”

While the medical field would like to classify this type of pain, during what is supposed to be a pleasurable experience, is the result of emotional and psychological issues. Coady and Fish don’t agree, concluding that “emotional and psychological problems are consequences of the pain.”

The book’s authors offer up helpful tips to keep intimacy alive without actually having intercourse. These steps should be taken while medical intervention is in place to heal the physical pain.

The first step to rejuvenate your relationship is to be open, up front and honest. You’ll find yourself and your partner shutting down if you can’t find a way to talk about the pain. For the man in your life, it can be difficult for him to see you in such debilitating pain. Being able to confront your fears and facing them head on and together can help you both to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Next, is learning to be creative. There are others ways to be romantically involved, to experience intimacy, and fulfill desires without actually having penetrative sex. “You just need to re-frame the way you think about sex and realize that sex includes many acts besides intercourse. Sex includes cuddling, mutual masturbation, tantric sex with a focus on breathing together, spooning and holding hands.” These actions will aid in restoring and fulfilling sexual needs.

As the problem of painful sex becomes more prevalent, doctors and researchers will continue their efforts at finding ways to eliminate the pain. Don’t forget that Women’s Intimate Solutions has various products to help lessen pain, discomfort and dryness. All of our products are 100% natural, with no harmful side effects to worry about.

(Source: The Good Men Project’s Website Feature on new book Healing Painful Sex: Healing Painful Sex: A Woman’s Guide to Confronting, Diagnosing, and Treating Sexual Pain By Deborah Coady, MD and Nancy Fish, MSW, MPH)


Post by Helen Rollins Lord of Women’s Intimate Solutions


Women suffering from decreased libidos: the why and what to do about it

An increasing number of women are coming forth and reaching out for help about decreasing libido struggles. In past years, this was a hush-hush kind of topic. Now, women are frustrated and confused as to why this is happening to their bodies.

Studies have been conducted to attempt to address the reasons for decreased libidos. While researchers have had no luck with a diagnosis, they have determined that the “causes can range from the biological to the psychological and even social.”

One such study took a look at stresses of everyday life, which include working, taking care of the family and household and worrying about finances. According to General Practitioner Dr. Sarah Brewer, “If you’re stressed, you produce the hormone cortisol, which in turn leads to production of another hormone called prolactin, the ‘celibacy hormone’.”

Okay, that makes sense, but what about women who live normal, carefree lives? Why has their sex drive diminished? Another study looked at the low levels of the hormone testosterone found in women. Testosterone is not just a hormone found in men, although that is a common misconception, and it can help a woman’s body to regulate energy, mood and libido.

Testosterone naturally increases in a woman’s body during intercourse. If the woman is experiencing a low sex drive, it can be very hard to replenish the hormone, bringing the libido back to life. In addition, when women begin to age, a decrease in hormone levels is part of the process. Doctors have attempted to create testosterone replacement patches, but have had little or no success, as the side effects just add to the overall problem.

Women at any age can be affected by decreased libidos and some medications are raising red flags. Certain contraceptive pills, anti-depressants and painkillers are just a few types of medications that can have a negative effect on the libido.

It is also no surprise that menopause aka “the change” is a leading factor of having little or no desire for intimacy. Menopause decreases the body’s ability of producing enough estrogen and testosterone. Menopause can also cause vaginal tissue to dry, making intercourse very painful.

Professor John Studd, who is also a gynecologist that specializes in treating women with libido problems, believes that “lack of libido can be treated, but there is still a common perception that this is not a serious issue – and until more people start to take it seriously, women will continue to suffer.”

More women are now doing their own research on this topic. They have found natural remedies to overcome the heavy burden of weakened intercourse desire. This is where the work of Women’s Intimate Solutions comes in.

Using all nautical lubricants not only helps to moisturize and heal dried, painful vaginal tissue, it can also help to restore your body’s ability to respond to stimulation. Intimacy is a very normal, healthy part of a woman’s life. We are here to help you take back your body so that you can once again feel desirable and have that urge for intimate connection. Our product pages offer an array of lubricants and oils, providing a solution for you.

(Source: Mail Online)

Women’s Sexual Health & Female Rejunivation

Discussing sexual health, especially that of women, has been somewhat taboo over the years. An important topic of conversation, the more recent discussions and focus on this subject is long overdue. Although speaking about sex and sexual health is not always the easiest conversation to have, whether it is with your friends or even doctor, it is an essential topic about which to be well educated.

A recent study, conducted by Sexual Health Rankings™, reports “for the first time, a full picture of sexual health in the United States,” according to a press release from PR Newswire. This study “is the most comprehensive measure of Americans’ sexual health ever developed, and the first state-by-state comparison of overall sexual health.”

The idea behind Sexual Health Rankings™ is based on the definition of sexual health as the World Health Organization defines it. “It emphasizes wellness, and encompasses human rights, sexual expression and identity, and sexual pleasure.”

“Sexual health is an essential part of health—each individual person’s health, and the health of society as a whole,” says Sexual Health Rankings™ Director Martin Downs, MPH. “Sexual health relates to many different parts of the body, aspects of life, and areas of society, in ways that aren’t always obvious.”

Based on 26 indicators, the study, Sexual Health Rankings™ used available data to rank the states. Although there was very little information that people actually want to know about sexual health, especially the positive aspects.

The Top Five Sexually Healthy States
1. Vermont
2. Connecticut
3. New Hampshire
4. New Jersey
5. Massachusetts

For more information about the report, visit Sexual Health Rankings™ website.

As a women who has endured the hardships of being a breast cancer survivor, sexual health is something that is very important to me. Not only has ageing played a role in my sexual health, but the side effects of treatment have also had an effect. Fortunately, I have found herbal products that have helped lessen the negative effects. One of my favorite products is the Female Rejuvenation Formula.

This formula is to be taken internally and is meant to help rehydrate women’s mucosal tissues. This includes eyes, mouth, and entire digestive system from top to bottom, along with the tissues of the reproductive system.

How to Use: You should see improvement after 1-2 weeks of either ¼ tsp 2-5 times a day or a dropper full under the tongue in the morning.

Disclaimer: Always speak with a health care professional before taking or using any dietary, nutritional, or herbal product. This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not approved to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Post by Helen Rollins Lord of Women’s Intimate Solutions

Radiation Recovery Salve: Relieving the Pain of Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is one path to choose when treating breast cancer. Radiation Therapy, which is also known as radiotherapy, “is a highly targeted, highly effective way to destroy cancer cells in the breast that may stick around after surgery.” This form of treatment can help reduce the risk of reoccurrence by about seventy percent. In spite of what many people think, radiation therapy is rather tolerable and the side effects are limited to the site of the actual radiation.

Radiation Treatment Salve

Although the side effects are limited to the site of treatment, having gone through this experience myself, I know how uncomfortable the burns are. The simple fact is that radiation burns skin and leaves us in pain. Healing takes time and fortunately, for us, there are products on the market that help to relive some of the discomfort that radiotherapy produces.

One of my preferred products to use is Radiation Recovery Salve from Women’s Intimate Solutions. We have created this all-natural healing salve, a wonderful alternative to the “goop” you get in the hospital. Great for when your skin feels dry or tender, the salve is easy to apply. Use your fingertips or a Q-Tip and apply this ointment after treatment only. Radiation Recovery Salve also works wonders for incision healing. It does not sit on your skin and block moisture the way petroleum based products do, allowing the incision or burn to “breathe.”

Post by Helen Rollins Lord of Women’s Intimate Solutions

Rebecca’s Soothing Vaginal Salve: Relief for Painful Sex

Research shows that about one in four women suffer or have suffered from chronic vulvar pain at some point in their life. Known as vulvodynia, this condition is when a woman suffers from chronic vulvar pain without specific cause. Like many medical conditions, the location and severity of  varies with each individual. One of the more common symptoms attributed to this condition is burning in the vulva, although the levels of pain do vary from case to case. “One woman reported her pain felt like “acid being poured on my skin,” while another described it as “constant knife-like pain.” (Source: National Vulvodynia Association)

Soothing Salve For Vaginal Dryness

If you happen to be one of the many women who suffer from this ailment, this could and mostly likely causes very uncomfortable and painful sex. The side effects of this are countless, from simply being in pain and uncomfortable to a decrease in intimacy with your partner, this condition is towards the top of my, “Things I don’t want to experience” list. Thankfully, with more soothing products becoming available, there may be light at the end of the tunnel.  Although not formulated to address vulvodynia expressly, the herbs in one of the more popular products from Women’s Intimate Solutions, Rebecca’s Soothing Vaginal Salve, may ease some of the discomfort by healing damaged tissue.

Doctor recommended, this vaginal salve helps to keep you feeling moisturized. The salve also soothes the small tears that can sometimes occur during intercourse. To apply the salve, take a fingertip full and use it whenever you are feeling dry or uncomfortable.  Made from all natural products, Rebecca’s Soothing Vaginal Salve’s special formula contains no St John’s Wort, which is  perfect for those on antidepressants, birth control or those who are using Tamoxifin, Aromasin or other estrogen blockers that are contraindicated with St. John’s Wort.

Post by Helen Rollins Lord of Women’s Intimate Solutions

Womanly Changes: The Things Our Mother’s Don’t Tell Us

As a young woman, no one tells us what might happen when we get older. Now this statement is very broad, and it’s meant to be. From the wrinkles on our face, to the changes in our body that we cannot seem to stop, and even our outlook on the world, there is no way to predict what life will be like in our 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.

To be even more specific, nobody tells us as young women that we will most likely encounter a noticeable change in our vagina as we age. Unfortunately, this change is not always for the better. As we age, our vagina’s tissues naturally become drier and more fragile. Add in the big C (Cancer) and the treatment that goes along with it, and all of a sudden intimacy can become uncomfortable, painful and sometimes even unbearable.

VagDrynessOil_LRG Fortunately, there are products that have been developed to make the unbearable more bearable and hopefully pleasurable in time. Women’s Intimate Solutions has a Moisturizing Oil for Vaginal dryness is a healing oil that was formulated for dry, fragile or atrophied vaginal tissues. Made from all natural ingredients, the ingredients in our moisturizing oil include Olive oil, Calendula flowers, Plantain leaf, Comfrey root, Sea Buckthorn oil, and Clary Sage pure essential oil. Please keep in mind that this is not a lubricant for intercourse. Rather, we developed this oil to help heal and bring moisture back into your tissues, so you will not be hurt if/when, you do have intercourse.

Directions for Applying the Oil:

• Soak a Q-tip into the oil and gently insert it into yourself
• Swish the Q-tip around both inside and outside of your vaginal area. Be sure to do this gently, especially if you are atrophied.
• As you become more and more moist, stretch your vaginal opening with your fingers or a massager.

**You should notice a difference in around a week if not sooner. Please remember that each of us is different, so it may take more or less oil and time to help you.**

For more information on the other products Women’s Intimate Solutions carries, please visit our website.

“Fight Like A Girl”: October- National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October, widely known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, has recently ended. Unless you have been living under a rock you could not miss the countless events acknowledging Breast Cancer research and awareness. President Obama, even proclaimed October 2012 National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

“This month, we stand with the mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, and friends who have been affected by breast cancer, and we recognize the ongoing efforts of dedicated advocates, researchers, and health care providers who strive each day to defeat this terrible disease. In memory of the loved ones we have lost and inspired by the resilience of those living with the disease, let us strengthen our resolve to lead our Nation toward a future free from cancer in all its forms.”

This disease has affected the women of our country for generations and continues to do so. Staying as informed and educated as possible is the most important thing we as women can do to for our healthy selves. Promoting awareness, especially during October, The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) has been one of the leaders in the fight against breast cancer.

“Since its inception more than 25 years ago, NBCAM has been at the forefront of promoting awareness of breast cancer issues and has evolved along with the national dialogue on breast cancer. NBCAM recognizes that, although many great strides have been made in breast cancer awareness and treatment, there remains much to be accomplished. Today, we remain dedicated to educating and empowering women to take charge of their own breast health.”

This initiative has taken the country by storm. October was a month filled with pink all around us. From professional athletes sporting pink cleats, gloves and other accessories on the football field, to various fundraisers, and other awareness campaigns, October was a month about encouraging women–both young and old–to take care of themselves and take the necessary precautions that lead to earlier detection. It is important to remember to take the time to do a monthly self-exam, release stress from their bodies with exercise, dancing, or even just jumping rope.

Ginseng Fights Fatigue in Cancer Patients

Just had to share this new information and hope it helps someone out there

How to use a personal lubricant

Owning a business can be interesting in so many ways I never considered.  The other Saturday night around 9:30, I got a call from a customer.  I was asleep (own my business… tired…) and suddenly was being asked how to use Sylk, a natural, water-based personal lubricant I sell.  I was stunned into silence and then realized that one of my customers needed help.  It had never occurred to me that people really don’t know how to put on a personal lubricant, so here goes –

First, make sure you use enough – it’s better to use too much than not enough. Play around with it before you need it so you know what it feels like.  If it’s in a tube, squirt it into the palm of your hand the same way you would with suntan oil, shaving cream or skin cream.  If it’s in a  jar, such as our oil-based Yoni Cream, use your fingers to scoop out the amount you want.  How much depends on your individual situation. If you are using it for masturbation: for women, use enough to cover the labia (the two “side flaps” leading into the vaginal canal) and the entrance to the vagina.  For men, use enough to cover the penis so the friction is comfortable.  If you are using it for intercourse, cover the man’s penis and the outside and entrance to the woman’s vagina.  It’s fun to make the application part of your foreplay.

If you are using a condom, use water based lubricants only – oil based lubricants might make the condom break.  Put the condom on unrolling it up the penis with your fingers – sort of like pulling on a sock. Starting at the tip of the condom-covered penis, spread it down all over the condom.  Make sure the condom is covered so there are not spots where friction can create discomfort. Make sure you use enough!

I hope this helps.  If you have never used a personal lubricant before, rest assured that you will be able to practice until you know exactly how much you need.

New formula for Rebecca’s Soothing Vaginal Salve

We’ve changed some of our formulas and WOW!  We think you will love the difference.  We’ve added sea buckthorn oil which helps skin build collagen and make that thinning skin plumper – don’t you love that?!  Come visit our site here.  And you can buy Rebecca’s Soothing Vaginal Salve here.  We hope you love as much as we do!