Our moisturizing and soothing herbal products help women with vaginal dryness, a common and sometimes painful condition,  which affects around 40% of women at some point in their lives.  Menopause, breast cancer or any situation where there is low or no estrogen are some reasons for this dryness.

Last night we had First Thursdays at the Falls, here in Rollinsford, NH.  People drop by with the most interesting questions.  The one that really got my attention last night was “Why don’t people talk about this more often?”  My guess is that people are shy talking about their sex lives.  I have talked with regular doctors who say their menopausal patients never bring up the subject. Women joke about hot flashes being “power surges,” but they rarely talk about vaginal dryness, even to their best friends.

The oncology world is so happy to have patients live that they aren’t that good at thinking about the whole patient and what the effects of their treatment may be.

I say, if men can have viagra and cialis, women can have functioning, pain free vaginas!

Women’s Intimate Solutions, for soothing relief of vaginal dryness.

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