Epsom salts for your tub or cool compress

A nice hot bath with Epsom salts and other minerals is a blessing – not just an old wive’s tale.  One or two cups dissolved in your bath can make a world of difference.  Many of us say we don’t have time for a bath, but I am betting you can find 15-20 minutes a week for a soak.  I run the tub while I am doing the laundry, tidying up my home or answering emails.  I bring reading with me – sometimes I ditch it and just relax.  In my opinion, the most wonderful one is a hot tub with a generous cup of Epsom salts and a small bottle hydrogen peroxide mixed into the water.  These minerals draw toxins out of your body and will make your skin just feel great.

If you have incisions that have not healed completely, hot baths are a very bad idea as they can soften the sutures possibly leading to the incision opening.  A washcloth soaked in a cool or tepid Epsom salts dilution and applied to the injured area for a few minutes is a good substitute for the bath.

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