Post Operation help

Everyone is traumatized by any surgery, so understand that your loved ones are probably afraid for you and that they will calm down as you recover and they can see for themselves that you are getting better.  If there is a “nervous Nelly” in your life, tell them to pretend to chill out for a few weeks.  I am going to discuss mastectomy post op over the next three days, however lumpectomy is pretty much the same although you may not need a drain (that will be a “good thing”).

The hospital won’t let you go home if there isn’t someone to pick you up; perversely, the hospital usually needs you to go home after one night because insurance will not pay for more than one night.  Thankfully, I have never had the opportunity to test out what happens if there is no one to pick you up – what do they do then?  I wish I could draw cartoons…

Okay, first visiting nurses, then drains and then dressings/bandages.

Unless you live with a nurse, get visiting nurse help.  Call your local hospital or clinic and ask for visiting nurses. These people are used to seeing incisions and drains and messy bandages.  Your loved ones are not.  Unlike that extra night in the hospital, insurance will pay for the visiting nurses, so take advantage of it, if you can.  You will need a prescription so don’t leave the hospital without one.  It will take you awhile to come to terms with your new look.  Visiting nurses “get” this – the ones I had were just wonderful about explaining the how’s and why’s of my situation.  Once a day, they come to your home; take your temperature which let’s them know if there is an infection brewing; clear the drains and change your bandages/dressings and make sure you are back into a bra and that it fits properly.  A word about hospital bras – they usually come in two pieces; they close in front; and adjust every which way ever contemplated.  They only give you one so try to get a zip up the front sports bra also so you can wash one and have one to wear.

Tomorrow – drains…

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  1. I undoubtedly did not realize that. Learnt something new today! Thanks for that.


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