Taking naps – long ones!

If you are recovering from surgery take long naps in the morning and again the afternoon lying down in your bed so you are not disturbed.  If you wake up during the night because of this, get yourself some hot milk or hot water (I can’t believe how nicely it works!) to sooth you and read something bland (you don’t want your mind to speed up) until you feel sleepy again.  Your body needs rest to heal.  I found I slept for an hour or two during the morning and again in the afternoon, went to bed around 8 or 9, woke up anywhere between 1 and 4 am, read for awhile and then slept some more.  The first week is when you do a ton of healing and it also when you (hopefully!) can stay home from work, sleep a lot and just pay attention to yourself.

In everyday life, my sister and I swear by little naps, we are sure they keep us sane.  Take 10 minutes around 4:30 or 5, put your feet up on your desk, close your eyes and just try to go blank.  I set a timer so I am not afraid of falling deeply asleep.  That little bit of time relaxes and rests our minds and bodies. It helps wonderfully to make the rest of the day and the evenings activities more pleasant.  Let your children, neighbors, loved ones, work associates, unless they are Attila the Hun types in which case you have my sympathy, know that you take a break this way, it is your time and they are not allowed to interrupt you. Most people will respect that request.  Your kids might resent it at first, but when they see that Mom is so much happier after her nap, they’ll probably protect your time for you…  maybe?

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