Womanly Changes: The Things Our Mother’s Don’t Tell Us

As a young woman, no one tells us what might happen when we get older. Now this statement is very broad, and it’s meant to be. From the wrinkles on our face, to the changes in our body that we cannot seem to stop, and even our outlook on the world, there is no way to predict what life will be like in our 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond.

To be even more specific, nobody tells us as young women that we will most likely encounter a noticeable change in our vagina as we age. Unfortunately, this change is not always for the better. As we age, our vagina’s tissues naturally become drier and more fragile. Add in the big C (Cancer) and the treatment that goes along with it, and all of a sudden intimacy can become uncomfortable, painful and sometimes even unbearable.

VagDrynessOil_LRG Fortunately, there are products that have been developed to make the unbearable more bearable and hopefully pleasurable in time. Women’s Intimate Solutions has a Moisturizing Oil for Vaginal dryness is a healing oil that was formulated for dry, fragile or atrophied vaginal tissues. Made from all natural ingredients, the ingredients in our moisturizing oil include Olive oil, Calendula flowers, Plantain leaf, Comfrey root, Sea Buckthorn oil, and Clary Sage pure essential oil. Please keep in mind that this is not a lubricant for intercourse. Rather, we developed this oil to help heal and bring moisture back into your tissues, so you will not be hurt if/when, you do have intercourse.

Directions for Applying the Oil:

• Soak a Q-tip into the oil and gently insert it into yourself
• Swish the Q-tip around both inside and outside of your vaginal area. Be sure to do this gently, especially if you are atrophied.
• As you become more and more moist, stretch your vaginal opening with your fingers or a massager.

**You should notice a difference in around a week if not sooner. Please remember that each of us is different, so it may take more or less oil and time to help you.**

For more information on the other products Women’s Intimate Solutions carries, please visit our website.

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