Radiation Recovery Salve: Relieving the Pain of Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is one path to choose when treating breast cancer. Radiation Therapy, which is also known as radiotherapy, “is a highly targeted, highly effective way to destroy cancer cells in the breast that may stick around after surgery.” This form of treatment can help reduce the risk of reoccurrence by about seventy percent. In spite of what many people think, radiation therapy is rather tolerable and the side effects are limited to the site of the actual radiation.

Radiation Treatment Salve

Although the side effects are limited to the site of treatment, having gone through this experience myself, I know how uncomfortable the burns are. The simple fact is that radiation burns skin and leaves us in pain. Healing takes time and fortunately, for us, there are products on the market that help to relive some of the discomfort that radiotherapy produces.

One of my preferred products to use is Radiation Recovery Salve from Women’s Intimate Solutions. We have created this all-natural healing salve, a wonderful alternative to the “goop” you get in the hospital. Great for when your skin feels dry or tender, the salve is easy to apply. Use your fingertips or a Q-Tip and apply this ointment after treatment only. Radiation Recovery Salve also works wonders for incision healing. It does not sit on your skin and block moisture the way petroleum based products do, allowing the incision or burn to “breathe.”

Post by Helen Rollins Lord of Women’s Intimate Solutions

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