Women suffering from decreased libidos: the why and what to do about it

An increasing number of women are coming forth and reaching out for help about decreasing libido struggles. In past years, this was a hush-hush kind of topic. Now, women are frustrated and confused as to why this is happening to their bodies.

Studies have been conducted to attempt to address the reasons for decreased libidos. While researchers have had no luck with a diagnosis, they have determined that the “causes can range from the biological to the psychological and even social.”

One such study took a look at stresses of everyday life, which include working, taking care of the family and household and worrying about finances. According to General Practitioner Dr. Sarah Brewer, “If you’re stressed, you produce the hormone cortisol, which in turn leads to production of another hormone called prolactin, the ‘celibacy hormone’.”

Okay, that makes sense, but what about women who live normal, carefree lives? Why has their sex drive diminished? Another study looked at the low levels of the hormone testosterone found in women. Testosterone is not just a hormone found in men, although that is a common misconception, and it can help a woman’s body to regulate energy, mood and libido.

Testosterone naturally increases in a woman’s body during intercourse. If the woman is experiencing a low sex drive, it can be very hard to replenish the hormone, bringing the libido back to life. In addition, when women begin to age, a decrease in hormone levels is part of the process. Doctors have attempted to create testosterone replacement patches, but have had little or no success, as the side effects just add to the overall problem.

Women at any age can be affected by decreased libidos and some medications are raising red flags. Certain contraceptive pills, anti-depressants and painkillers are just a few types of medications that can have a negative effect on the libido.

It is also no surprise that menopause aka “the change” is a leading factor of having little or no desire for intimacy. Menopause decreases the body’s ability of producing enough estrogen and testosterone. Menopause can also cause vaginal tissue to dry, making intercourse very painful.

Professor John Studd, who is also a gynecologist that specializes in treating women with libido problems, believes that “lack of libido can be treated, but there is still a common perception that this is not a serious issue – and until more people start to take it seriously, women will continue to suffer.”

More women are now doing their own research on this topic. They have found natural remedies to overcome the heavy burden of weakened intercourse desire. This is where the work of Women’s Intimate Solutions comes in.

Using all nautical lubricants not only helps to moisturize and heal dried, painful vaginal tissue, it can also help to restore your body’s ability to respond to stimulation. Intimacy is a very normal, healthy part of a woman’s life. We are here to help you take back your body so that you can once again feel desirable and have that urge for intimate connection. Our product pages offer an array of lubricants and oils, providing a solution for you.

(Source: Mail Online)

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